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Imagine Yourself Living The Live You Envision.

I specialize in teaching people how to generate a massive income and live life on their terms.

I have known since I was a little girl that I was destined to be a millionaire. At one time I was just like most people living from day to day, without having any definite purpose or direction in my life. For many years I worked hard and I thought opening my own businesses would solve everything. I had an inventory business, accounting business, web hosting and design business. I had headaches from working harder. I wrote a book. Still, I had lost sight of my dreams.

What I had to show for all of my hard work was a tired body and a less than desirable bank account. Actually, I was always just barely making it each and every month, meaning fun night was a movie and popcorn in front of the TV. I cringe at the thought of my old lifestyle. I got to the point of total frustration because I knew I was going down a dead end street.

I consciously made a decision to find a way to make money where I would have fun, generate a ton of cash and learn how to put my money to work for me, so I could quit working for money. Little did I know what was about to come from that decision.

I looked at everything under the sun in Multi-Level Marketing, tried a few, and failed miserably. I hated having to peddle products to my friends and family who in turn had to purchase products every month. Then there were all the products I had to purchase monthly just to stay in the game. It was too time consuming, too expensive and the return was nickels and dimes.

Remarkably, I found the business I had spent years looking for. It was congruent with everything I believed in. I wanted an ethical company with solid leadership and a SIMPLE business plan offering an immediate upfront LUCRATIVE profit for everyone; a level playing field. I jumped in, took off and never looked back. I am in the right place at the right time.

Now I am Living the life I design, on my terms.

I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to help others succeed in living their dreams and I live a life that most people only dream about. In fact, I am now living the life that I dreamed about for years.

I travel to awesome locations around the world with other leaders who are experts in the field of wealth creation; people who are walking the walk and living their talk. At the same time I have the opportunity of experiencing the knowledge of well-known distinguished speakers such as Andy Andrews who wrote the best selling book “The Traveler’s Gift”. My business and lifestyle is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. What’s fantastic about my business is I am able to travel and can still do my business from a cell phone. What a life...

I love serving others by assisting them in achieving their goals and living the life they envision as I enjoy international travel along with a phenomenal amount of time with my family. My time is always my own. I do what I want when I want each and everyday.

When I’m at home, I get up each day at my own leisure, start with a cup of fresh roasted coffee and decide how I’m going to spend the day. My home office is surrounded by windows and I love enjoying my coffee and looking out onto trees and fields filled with animals and birds that visit us everyday here in the Tennessee woods.

Are you broke? Does your life suck? I firmly believe that all people are good and given the right set of circumstances anyone can succeed. Anyone can accomplish anything they focus on and take committed action toward thier goals. Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free. If your decision is to talk to me to see how you can take control of your life, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to serving you in living the life that you deserve.
To your
IMMEDIATE success!
Dawn Marx
life coaching
Me and Brent one
of my most trusted mentors sharing laughs at our Black Tie affair in Whistler, B.C.


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