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Frequently Asked Questions.

How much money can I expect to earn in this business?
There is absolutely no limit to the money you can make if you just do exactly what we show you to do. The effort and action you put into your business, will have a direct result as to what you will earn! Back To Top

What kinds of people are involved in this business?
Attorneys, business owners, CPAs, doctors, auto mechanics, stay-at-home moms, artists, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bartenders, construction workers, tattoo artists…you name it!

We have
people from all walks of life earning far more than their previous occupations ever had, running their own business from home or their own small office!Back To Top

How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?
We only wish to speak with quality individuals who want to earn the equivalent of a Top Management CEO in their first year. For everybody else, because there are so many other things that you can do on the internet to make extra pocket cash on the side, we are only seeking people who desire a substantial and meaningful income in their first year in this business. In other words, if your income goal is within the 97% average range of the country, save us both a lot of time and please do not call us, because this business is not for you!

Before you call us, however, please be aware that this is a very real, and very legitimate, business of your very own. You can run this business from anywhere in the United States or Canada. We will be working directly with you to help you build your business. You will succeed! Back To Top

Is this multilevel marketing (MLM)?
No, this business is not MLM.

This is a direct sales business, and it is all about instant gratification: you can start earning a big income this week.

What's great about this business is that every time you make a sale,
you keep 100% of the profit. Remember, you always get paid immediately and in full --- no waiting at all for your profit checks, ever.

MLM is a great concept, but it has no real structure, and it takes a long period of time because you are sharing your small profits with a lot of people. It is very difficult to earn a substantial income with MLM: it could take 1 - 3 years, or more, with MLM.

Again, this business is a direct sales business --- it is not MLM, it is not a pyramid money game, and you are not selling CDs, websites, lotions, potions, supplements or pills.

This is a direct sales business, and every single order you sell goes on your own personal sales register. You do not share your profits with anyone.
Back To Top

Am I required to speak with people in this business?

Yes. We are in a direct sales business, and what we do is this: we place ads on the Internet and in newspapers, and we call people back who respond to those ads. It's as simple as that! And there is no cold calling whatsoever!

But, get this: you will never personally explain this business to your customers, and you will never answer their questions, either. Instead, the top income earners from this company will speak with your customers, and will do all the explaining and answering for you --- at no cost to you --- all for your financial benefit. Truly awe-inspiring, and totally unheard of! Back To Top

Are there any costs in running this business?
There is no investment required to begin this business. As with any business, traditional or home based, there could be monthly operating costs, which could include various types of marketing, if you choose to go in that direction. Back To Top

Is training and support provided?
Your success will be achieved with personal mentoring by us and other entrepreneurs who are experts in this dynamic industry. Many are national trainers, and will be available to assist you as well as coach, train and support your efforts. They have all acheived tremendous financial success and will share their secrets with you. The training system that is in place works perfectly as long as it is followed exactly.

We conduct 13 live training calls each week.  There are also 24x7 recorded versions of the training calls, should your schedule require it. Back To Top

How much time does this business require? 
Leverage your time, choose your own hours, and take holidays whenever you wish. Work from home in your boxer-shorts, from the beach in Cancun, or while you're taking a 3-month vacation in Hawaii. Why would you want to get started in a business if you couldn’t make a ton of money right out of the gate? We recommend that you have 2-4 hours a day available. Back To Top

How difficult is this business? 
The marketing system does most of the grunt-work for you! There is NO personal selling or explaining involved. We have ELIMINATED most of the things that people struggle with in their own business
  • No cold calling.
  • No personal selling or explaining.
  • No "recruiting" friends and family.
  • No selling "Mickey-Mouse" potions, lotions, and vitamins.
  • No stress! RELAX and take a nap this afternoon! Back To Top

What is a realistic first year income? 
Realistic? We don't believe in realistic. Realistic people DO NOT become millionaires. We would much rather achieve UNREALISTIC results. Back To Top

How do I know if this is "too good to be true?"
In our opinion "too good to be true" would be if we were to tell you that everyone you talked to would be stuffing money through their phones! This is a real, legitimate business. The system works perfectly as long as you follow it exactly. You will see for yourself EXACTLY how it works. Trust us, there is work involved. What really matters the most is your level of desire.

With that said, ANYONE with a high level of interest, regardless of background or education, can do this business. Period. Back To Top

What does this "Business System" consist of? 
This business is Direct Sales: one product, to one customer, equals 100% of the profit to YOU 100% of the time! We utilize the Internet and/or Print Media, as well as various other tools, as a way of marketing. We train you on all of the above! Nothing is left to chance!

IS NOT Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or a pyramid scheme. No selling lotions and potions.

You will be following a VERY simple, systematic, marketing program. There is no guess work involved, just like paint-by-numbers.

You Can Have All of this Without:

WITHOUT: Franchise fees of $50,000 to $500,000 that don't even come with a guaranteed income.
WITHOUT: Waiting four-years until your business clears a profit. You can be making money in four days; it's up to you and your efforts.
WITHOUT: Overhead and hassle of hiring staff or paying rent on an expensive office or storefront.
WITHOUT: Working 60 - 80 hours a week or being a slave to your business. Working 10 - 15 hours part-time or 20 - 30 hours full-time is all it takes.
WITHOUT: Personal selling, telling, or explaining. This IS NOT a sales job! Back To Top

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Contact Me Now - SERIOUS Inquiries Only Please!

    Our Contact Policy:

    Serious people only! What I mean by this is that you have the
    motivation and desire to want to truly start living your dreams.
    You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and start earning
    . This is not some envelope stuffing
    business! This is not MLM! This is not a pyramid money game!
    This is not web site sales!
    You will be calling on our services
    to help you get started and trained in a business of your
    I already have a system in place... and it works!

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