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“Our Child Will NEVER experience daycar."
Do you have a burning desire to live your dreams?
Megan and Jay

Less than a year ago, I was working a sales job. I was broke (making only $60,000) stressed out and frustrated with my life. One day I was online, surfing the net (at work) looking for a "way out" what I stumbled across appeared to be too simple. Too good to be true... I was obviously a little skeptical, since I had tried and failed at MLM, network marketing, and so many other opportunities.

However, Once I saw how simple and fool-proof the system was, I was convinced. ANYONE could "plug in" and have tremendous success almost overnight.

I was able to quit my day-job after about 90 days. My wife was also able to quit her job and now focuses on her education, and her passion, working with special needs children. We are SO blessed. If you can dream big you can also LIVE big. Never stop dreaming.”

live your dreams and travel the world
Eric Wright

From $20K a year to the top 1% part time from home. I found this opportunity at exactly the right time. I was broke, unhappy with my current career and looking for a better lifestyle for me and my family. I really kinda just bumped into this without even really looking very hard. Now I know; that is the beauty of it. I got focused for 90 days, and went right into the six figure range.

I have helped a ton of people generate in a month what they used to make in a year. I have the time and financial freedom to travel all over the globe. I have been to Europe , the Bahamas , Hawaii , Fiji and South America several times since I got started with this program. This is truly a gift, and I wake up thankful everyday.”
make money online
Gene and Heather

My wife Heather and I have been given a true gift here: living a "Life Without Limits." - and having the time to travel the world and spend the time with each other and the one's we love.

You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. We understood that, because WE TOOK ACTION WE TOOK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES!
follow your heart and make money at the same time
Nancy and Ed - NY

“Nancy and I are 10 year veterans of the insurance sales industry. We both started our sales careers with AllState selling home, auto and life insurance. Nancy stayed in the personal insurance world and moved to State Farm as an office manager for two agents and worked there up until the time our son, Jake was born. I left AllState and moved over to MetLife into the commercial employee benefits space. In 2000, I left MetLife and went to work for a recently funded start-up named EmployeeMatters. EmployeeMatters was acquired by Intuit, Inc. in late 2000. In August of 2002 the entire organization that was EmployeeMatters was eliminated from the structure that was Intuit and I was unemployed! Boom!

We found this opportunity and got off to a fast start. What made our journey complete was finding the Team and being introduced to the powerful support of all the Team members. We enjoy and embrace life and know we can tackle anything that gets in the way of our future.”
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I found this business totally by accident. I always wanted something that would help me really live my life to the fullest, but I had given up on the idea years ago. I was working a corporate job for almost 9 years, I had been downsized and downsized. Finally I had it when my salary was cut by 30%. I knew it was time to do something different. While over my friend Mike’s house, he told me about this opportunity. I was floored at his lifestyle and the income he was able to generate in such a small amount of time, in just 6 months. If my friend could do this, I knew I could certainly do it too. He is one of those super laid back kind of guys. And with my energy I new I could make this explode. I started in mid July 2004. Today my life is drastically different. I work out of my home office in NYC. I gave up the suit for jeans, sweats and shorts. And I spend most of my day doing what I love: working out, shopping, volunteering and walking my dog Cheila. And I have already tripled my income this year working this business 20-25 hours a week

live your dreams travel home business and enjoy life full support home based biz live life
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